Version: 0.17.0

Infer : AI

Infer.AI is a collection of program analyses which range from simple checks to sophisticated inter-procedural analysis. Infer.AI is so named because it is based on Abstract Interpretation.

Current Infer.AI's which are in production include ThreadSafety, AnnotationReachability (e.g., can an allocation be reached from a @PerformanceCritical method), and immutable cast for Java, as well as Static Initialization Order Fiasco for C++.

The current checkers can be run by adding the option -a checkers to the analysis command as in this example:

infer run -a checkers -- javac

In addition, we are working on experimental AI's which target security properties (Quandary) and buffer overruns (Inferbo). The infer commandline man page (infer --help) explains how to run experimental AI's, or how to select certain AI's and not others.