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Version: 1.1.0

Getting started with Infer

Get Infer​

You can use our binary releases, build infer from source, or use our Docker image.

Find our latest binary release here. Download the tarball then extract it anywhere on your system to start using infer. For example, this downloads infer in /opt on Linux (replace VERSION with the latest release, eg VERSION=1.1.0):

curl -sSL "$VERSION/infer-linux64-v$VERSION.tar.xz" \
| sudo tar -C /opt -xJ && \
sudo ln -s "/opt/infer-linux64-v$VERSION/bin/infer" /usr/local/bin/infer

If the binaries do not work for you, or if you would rather build infer from source, follow the install from source instructions to install Infer on your system.

Alternatively, use our Docker images.

Try Infer in your browser​

Try Infer on a small example on Codeboard.